flight manila to oslo

Inside NAIA, first i went to the Cathay Pacific check- in desk. Here, they will weigh your baggage and give your boarding pass. I strongly suggest that you visit the Cathay Pacific online 48 hours before your scheduled flight and have an online check- in and choose your seat. The desk officer gave me all my 3 boarding passes - Manila to Hongkong, Hongkong to London and London to Oslo. This will save you time from going in queues on the next airport for the connecting flight. You will only need to look for the screens and search for the next gate you're going to. Just be aware of the flight you'll be in and you'll have no problem.. On the baggage, the airline allowed an additional 3 kg for the 20kg luggage and 3 kilos for the handcarry (7 + 3 0 10kg).

Your next stop is the immigration. This is, i think, where you will have a problem if you got the Job seekers Visa, as what I had. I will not expound what happened here, however, it is safe to say that you need an assistance for you to pass this part to pursue your trip to Norway. What kind of assistance? This I will not disclose here openly.

After immigration, you will undergo a security check and scan your handcarry for liquids, metals and sharps.. you will be taking off your shoes, coats, belts and belongings inside your pockets. after this ,now you can go to the boarding gate and wait for your plane..

Manila to Honkong. The trip lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes.. Maybe I was kind of lucky because my seatmate was a Filipina who's been to Norway and lived there for 3 years. She was with her son and Norwegian husband. Throughout the flight, we talked about Norway and her baby was so cute! We landed at Hongkong almost 10 pm and then I found my way to the departure/connecting flight area and walked 20 minutes to get to my next gate.. Hongkong International airport is as big as Mall of Asia, i think.. While looking for my next boarding gate, I passed by many attractive stores but I was too busy and stressed with the fear of losing my way around the airport.. A piece of advice, just read the signs and watch the screens for your flights.. You will never go wrong. Also, never be afraid to ASK.. The HK airport personnels are nice and they speak english! Check also your ticket when the boarding gate will close. My next flight is 11:55pm, the boarding gate closes 11:35. Be sure you are at the gate, at least 20 mins before it closes.

Hongkong to London. This is the longest flight ever! At the Hongkong airport, we got delayed for 30 mins because of the very heavy rain. Anyway, my seatmate was also Filipino on his way to Oslo and a young English woman whose breasts are popping out because her top had a plunging neckline.. hahaha but I like her because we spoke and talked about sudoku and her vacation in the Philippines. Almost the entire flight, I was sleeping. You will wake up from time to time but you will fall asleep a bit later. When you are awake, you can watch movie or tv shows from a screen in front of your seat or listen to music.. just plug your headset and just scan the channels. You will not get bored. The only difficulty I had encountered there is you get cramps for sitting very long and shoulder or back aches when you sleep upright.. so i just did the leg or foot pumping exercises or walked to the toilet and changed positions every now and then.. We were served 2 meals.. 1 snack, 3 hours in the flight and a breakfast, 2 hours before it lands in London. The meals are good and satisfying enough.

London to Oslo. London Heathrow airport is GIGANTIC! it has 5 terminals and you need to ride a bus to go to the other terminal. Our plane landed on terminal 3 and my connecting flight is on terminal 5. and I have 2 hours to go to my next gate..When I left the plane, I immediately looked for departure/connecting flight signs and for the screens to know which terminal and gate I will be going to next.. If you are lost, JUST ASK!! don't be ashamed. I asked 3 airport personnels before I was able to reach the next gate... They will really help you. Also a piece on advice, be sure to avoid any liquid, gel and sprays on your handcarry bag. If you have them, be sure to place them in a clear, sealable plastic and declare this at security checks. London Heathrow is very strict with this and you really have to comply.

London to Oslo. The flight took almost 2 hours hours. We left london 7:55am (local time) and reached Oslo 11 am (oslo time, 10am london time) They also served breakfast even though the flight was short.. After getting off the plane, I went to the immigration authorities there in the airport where you will present your passport and they will just ask you what is your purpose of visit in Norway and then they'll stamp the date of your arrival in there. Just follow the signs for "arrival or ankomst" then look for the screen which belt number you will retrieve your luggage..

I arrived at Oslo and I had the warmest welcome from my relatives.. they even made a banner of "Welcome to Norway".. I forgot how tired and sleepy I was when I saw them and greeted me.

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