My first T-Bane ride

One morning my aunt said I must get ready because we'll be going to the Politi (police) and inquire about something there. All the while I thought we'll use the car going there but instead, she explained that it's very important that I learn how to ride the T-bane. So together with my nephew, PJ, we walked to the nearest station.

T-bane (pronounced as teh-bahn) can be compared to Metro Manila's MRT/LRT. While the there are lines of MRT connected to one another at certain stations, the T-bane in Oslo has 6 connecting lines. However, they have the several same connecting stations. For you to have an idea, look at the picture below:

So if you are from Mortensrud (T- bane3, green route) and you wish to go to Frognerseteren (T-bane 1, aqua route), ride the Mortensrud t-ban and get off at Helsfyr, and wait there for the T-ban to Frognerseteren. You can get the brochure for the schedule of the T-bane stops at different stations. This is very convenient because the t-bans arrive exactly on time on the stations and you will never be late for work. Every 2-3 minutes, a T-bane arrives with different destination.. Also unlike MRT with doors that open automatically, you have to push a button on the door for it to open.

How to buy a ticket? In all stations, there are ticket dispensing machines, just like the MRT that runs along Aurora blvd-Katpunan-Marcos Highway.. just insert the bills/coins to the slot for money and push a button to the kind of card you want to buy, that simple.. the card is not plastic, instead it's paper.. and before entering the train there, there is like a bandy clock where the time and date and station will be stamped on your card.

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