On leaving home

After a grueling 29 hour flight from Manila to Oslo, i finally arrived at the Oslo International Airport, Norway and was greeted warmly by my aunt, cousin and nephews who even made a banner saying, "Velkommen til Norge" (welcome to Norway). I was really surprised and touched because it lifted at least the loneliness and homesickness that accompanied me the entire trip.

The day when my parents and my bf drove me to the airport, was really a torturing and emotional moment for us.. A lot of tears fell, a lot of good wishes and parting words were given.. leaving your home- your family, your friends and your loved one- is nothing compared to that of having your heart broken for the very first time. It' s ten times more painful, the hurt is a tremendous burden you'd have to endure all the time.. The day before my flight was even more memorable, more life-changing... I have heard and seen things that really etched a permanent mark in my heart, those words spoken to me will always echo in my head anywhere I go, as long as i live-

Anyway, at the airport, parting with your loved ones is the most heart breaking experience for me... but i know that this must be done so I mustered a huge amount of strength to turn around, shutting my eyes intentionally, to save me from seeing the last look on my parents and my bf's face...

I really hate goodbyes, even if it's for a better future. As a form of consolation, I remind myself always, "this is only for just ONE year. i can do this, we can do this."

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