Starting out...

Now after few months of practically job hunting and learning the language, I have finally started working as a hjelpepleier.. I am actually excited about it. Well, you have to be like on a training for 2-3 months, without pay, of course and afterwards, the employer will give you a contract. And now, I am on my 1st month of working at Ryggeheimen sykehjem. It's really a nice place.. Ryggegheimen has 2 buildings, the old and new. I am working in the new building... so the equipments are new and kinda high tech. Also, I am working in the ward number 4, it's a ward for patients who are demented and not ambulatory.. so they are all on wheelchairs and need to be fed. It's a tough job... because since I have been only here for 3 months, although I can now understand and communicate better than the first time i got here, it's still quite difficult. Now i truly understand why my late Uncle Hans has been so insistent that I try to speak Norwegian and learn as much as I can in a short span of time.. (FYO: My uncle died last Sept 3 so it was difficult for me and my Aunt to cope for a certain time. But hopefully, we are coping well now).

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