Busy Bee

Hurraaahh! It’s spring time here and there’s nothing more exciting and more uplifting than seeing everything around you bloom and come into life after the long winter’s sleep.

I have been from a long hibernation( hehe). But i am back to business. Speaking of which, I have recently started with my 3-month training in Geriatrics.. you see, I need to undergo a total of 5 months training plus a 3-week course so that I can fully practice my profession here in Norway. So far so good… my nurse-supervisor is so nice and she is soooo helpful in many ways.. One of which is handing me materials that i can’t hardly seem finish reading, hehe.. but i am not complaining.. on the other hand, I am glad and excited about this whole training thing. My hopes are up… It’s not easy though. I had to balance training and work at the same. Now that I am living all by myself (which is so great, btw), I have all the time for myself, reading and keeping myself on track. I just have to hang on for a couple of months and hopefully, God-willing, my dream/goal is not far from reality…

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