Hunt for the Perfect Maxi Dress

I am going gaga!! It's been weeks since I started looking for the perfect Maxi dress to wear this summer.. and I am going N.U.T.S.!!! I spend literally hours browsing over online shops looking for my dress at a reasonable price. Reasonable Price. That's what making this hunt difficult-- I am not willing to splurge on a seasonal or soon-not-in-trend dress even though I am dying to buy those expensive dresses I saw over the internet! Everytime I am gonna type in my credit card details, suddenly a zephyr of reality lures me in not buying the dress at all! huhu So I am left with the option of browsing over or multiply so that, hopefully, I can find cheaper dresses.

I looked around in H&M, Lene V, Vivikes and other stores in Amfi Mall but not Zara and Mango because, I live, unfortunately, 45 minutes away to the nearest Zara and Mango shop... and I am too cheap and too lazy to get my ass over there and gamble my chances of spending 330 kroner (2400++php) for my two-way train fare, without even the certainty on finding something there or even if I liked something, the biggest question is if it's within my price range. I suppose (or I am just guessing) that maxi dresses in Zara or Mango could cost 700-1200 kroner. (and multiply by 7 to convert to peso!!)Sorry but I have this compulsion of converting it into peso because it's so expensive here!! And I swear to my future grave that when I return to Pinas for vacation, I am gonna HOARD and PANIC SHOP at Zara and Mango!! I will spend most of my vacation pay salary on shopping! hehehe (No joke!!)

Going back, there is nothing more fulfilling than finding, at last, that something you had been looking for for quite some time... I know, i know.. I am a self-confessed shoppingera but I spend within my means. (I haven't categorized myself a shopaholic because I can manage to curb the impulse to buy something just for the sake of buying). What makes me desperate is that summer season here in Norway starts this june and ends in August. This is the only time to bare your skin and dress up which ever and what ever you like! Summer here is just like summer in Pinas... everyone is happy, everyone dresses up, hitting the beach, getting the summer tan and the likes. Maybe I miss Pinas and the climate... maybe. Haaaayyyy... I wanna buy my Maxi Dress!!! Help!

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