1st year anniversary in Norway

It's been a year since I came here and what can I say... I survived one heck of a year. Easy? definitely not. Challenging? Yeah! Inspiring? Ahuh. Eye-opener? 100%! The road had been bumpy but the ride is worth every tear you shed and home sickness that ate me up sometimes.

Tita and I went to Vigelandspark in Oslo. We had a great time.. It's been quite sometime since we had an HTH talk. There were things that need to be cleared up, things to plan ahead and things to look forward to. I am thankful because my Aunt is also there to guide me.

As for my family back in the Philippines, I miss them terribly but maybe I am too much of a chicken to say it. I really do. But as I learned to stand on my own, a part of me wanted to become strong, independent and fearless. I am a big girl and big girls don't cry (quote Fergie). I remember talking to my BF years back, telling him how I wanted to live on my own and do things all by myself.. and that's exactly what I ended up to right now. Funny but true.

So I am the next part of my journey here.. Next year hopefully, I'll be seeing my family and loved ones again. :) Kudos!

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