Update: I Passed!!!

Halleluiahhhhhhhh!! I Passed Norsk Prøve 3, written and oral!! OMG!

3 days ago, I went to Oslo to buy my poker set and did some window shopping because it's the mid-year season sale. I looked around but didn't find something worth buying. I reached home around 9pm in the evening. As usual, I checked my mailbox before going inside and I found this big, white envelope from Folke.. My heart raced and pounded... I held it against my chest as I rushed to my door because it was raining. I placed it on top of my table and sat there and stared at it for a while, subconsciously reciting some chants or whatever... I do this to psych me up, prepare me to whatever the result is... I was kinda worried because 2 days prior to that, I woke up in the morning and the thought of failing the NP3 just crossed my mind and ever since that day, my "worry" mode is on high alert! Anyway, I tore the envelope open and slowly I pulled a paper out... and there I saw the word "BESTÅTT" (meaning passed) in big, bold dark print! I just jumped out of my chair and jumped liked a silly 5-year old girl who just got her new Barbie doll.. I couldn't shout because I am afraid that I will wake up my landlord's baby sleeping just beyond my living room's wall. I called immediately my Aunt, texted my mom and BF and my nurse supervisor to tell the good news!! They were as excited as I am. :) I thanked also the Lord for helping me through this.. Things happened just as planned and now the next step is taking the Nasjonale fag for Sykepleiere on November. It's a 3-week intensive course and national program for foreign nurses who wish to practice their profession here in Norway. (You see I need to pass NP3 to get a slot in HIO (Høgskole i Oslo)). So I am on the way of becoming a nurse here! I am half way through...

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