After 3 months, I'm back.. I kinda forgot that I still have this blog! (Bleh!)

Anyway, it just to happen that I also started with another blog at livejournal. It's more of my everyday life blog.. you know, whatever-goes-kind-of-blog.. So it's really nothing special.. unless you guys would care to interest yourselves reading about how I bore myself to death. hahaha. well kidding aside...

So, what's new with me? Well well well, I'm actually living in Oslo now,  but only until the first week of December. As i have mentioned earlier on my post, I'm taking the Nasjonal fag for sykepleier,   which is comparable to the board exams back home in Pinas. So anyway, the 3-week course was mainly about laws and ethical concerns in Nursing. Plus we had an exam in medicine dose computation, which must be 100% correctly answered. (Whilst I am still waiting for the results, i'm really struggling with insomnia). In addition, there's still another exam next week, which i believe to be on an essay form and I have absolutely no idea what kind of questions will be up there. Thus, as early as now, I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back and just shrug off my shoulders and say, "Good luck sa'kin!". STRESS!!!

Anyway, i'll keep you posted soon enough... IF i passed. On the other hand, you'd know if i didn't make it because I'll be like, hiding somewhere far and unpopulated. :(

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