Dream fulfilled

After more than a year living in Norway, I've finally come to the point where the purpose of coming here is finally realized.. I am now a  SYKEPLEIER (R.N.) here in Norway!! The feeling is just sooo overwhelming. The journey had been bitter and sweet.. Along the journey, I've gained more than what I have expected, however, there are some loses too. But you know what, those are just the some of the things you need to let go. Like things you have to leave behind when you're going to travel somewhere. It's part of who you are, equally necessary but you know for yourself that can be found somewhere else and replaced with something better, more worthy of the space inside your luggage? Anyway.... I am so thankful to all the persons behind me... who had been there to support me and guided me all the way. My parents, my Tita Naringg, My cousin, Kuya Glenn and his wife, Ate Digna, my new found friends here in Norway and my friends in Pinas, my Besbes, Yayay, Elisabeth and Ryggeheimen peeps, Anita and Fjellbo and Solstua peeps and lastly, the Lord for helping me through this... giving me strength when I have nothing else more to give and for making things lighter and bearable for me... Thank you!!! 

Those two exams I passed to become a registered nurse here, when I found out that I passed them... I cried each time, because I know it was not easy.. it took sooo much efforts, time, energy and dedication to get through them.. and as I went along and faced that battle, it was all me and plus the Guy up there..He and I,  we fought my way up and now that I am here, I am looking back to all I've been though.. and I feel so blessed. I am proud of my achievements and I am proud to be person I am right now... yet deeply humbled. I look back to my beginnings and followed through the entire process... and there, I saw that the old ME is still there but that person have GROWN.. a lot! This is a very emotional moment... and I am gonna let myself be immersed in this wonderful life-changing light and let the happy feeling linger for awhile..  because after this, there's more battle up ahead.. But this is the start of yet another chapter in my life...

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