2nd Birthday Celebration here in Norway

Ok... my age is out of question but today's my birthday!! And what better way to celebrate this day than waking up early in the morning and going to work..Yes.. I WORKED today. Not that I didn't like it... it's just new to me. I'm used to having those party's and handaan back home in Pinas.. but here, all you get is tusenvis av Gratulerer med dagen!! (Thousands of Happy Birthday greetings!) Well Not that I am complaining. One weird Norwegian custom here ( well, I'm weirded out because I'm still Pinoy at heart but I actually liked this custom) is when one is celebrating his birthday, his or her friends or family comes over to her place with food and drinks. Actually, not only during birthdays, but when Norwegian have gatherings, usually they bring food and drinks with them and then take them home if there are leftovers. hahaha Talk about being kuripot but they are indeed very practical and thrifty people. While in Pinas, it's the other way round... And that's what I got this day!! hahaha Well after work, My aunt, cousin and his family, and two friends from Nannestad came over here at my pad and brought the entire kitchen! haha Well, we had Pancit, Salad and Tempura then 3 kinds of cake for coffee/tea after the meal. (carrot cake, cheesecake and rice cake) I was like... hahaha is this cool or what?? haha Super thanks talaga to Nannestad peeps! 

The right term from "manlibre" in norwegian is "spandere"... So although most of you know "gratis" as "libre" or free,or without charge in English but the appropriate term is spandere. Anyway, I will make libre my friends on tuesday.. they will be coming over and I'll be doing the Pinoy style birthday celebration! 

But before I end this post, I'd like to thank the Lord for all the blessings he had given me... as in. I feel so loved and so special in all ways possible. I'm looking forward for more adventures and misadventures this year... I'm sure my life is about to take off... crossing fingers.. :P

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