Birthday Party Part 2

Hurraahhh! Second birthday party for me! These are some of my dear, dear friends here in Norway. And we had sooooo much fun that night! Good thing that my landlord was having their vacation in Spain and we have the whole house for ourselves! Wit woo! We're so like maingay! Plus Videoke Galore.. non-stop! Jared (the only guy) and Evelyn (the girl sitting behind me) will soon host a dinner party soon.. when? I don't know but I'm definitely going. (To those who don't know me, I'm the one with the white cardigan)

Plus, plus.... I am sooo happy that night because..... hahahaha  Anyway, I found out also that we create so much noise that Evelyn's Norwegian husband didn't have any difficulty tracking which house we are in, when he drove to fetch her... hahaha. Are we really that noisy? or the Norwegians are just used to peace and quiet? 

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