Good thing...

On my earlier post, the acute situation, I sent a patient to the hospital after having CVA, ride side or hjerneslag, høyre side. Yesterday I found out that that particular patient died in the hospital through her obituary published in the local newspaper. I was saddened by the fact that she didn't make it... but hey, better than not doing anything for her at all. I have failed to mention that that fateful day when she had the CVA, there were 3 nurses on duty. The LVNs on that ward ringed me last because the first nurse was busy, the second refused to heed the call for help because, later that day, I met her on the medicine room and she told me that she didn't see the need to send the patient to the hospital because she was already 90+ years old was going to die anyway. Why send her and the hospital will just waste thousands of money on saving an already hopeless case? Well I didn't care to argue with her... I saw her point but I didn't insist my point to her that we are NURSES. We swore to advocate for our patient's best interest and even though, I know she was going to die anytime soon, we don't have the right to deny her the right to be sent to the hospital. And think about the family? Do you want you mom or dad just die there without doing anything? Plus who are we to decide the fate of our elder patients? It's not easy...weighing these things. 

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