My life as nurse begins..

I started working as a nurse in January and when I walked along the halls with my name tag "sykepleier" engraved on it, it was just exhilirating.. After all the hardwork, the tears and frustrations and heartaches.. I am finally here.. (sorry about that.. I am still emotional about this because I've been through a lot) I stepped inside the ward I am assigned to in high spirits and good vibes.. This is it, Rosanna (hahaha.. i hate calling myself that).. this is where the real battle begins. :)
My colleagues and subordinates welcomed me with big smiles. Isn't it that over a year ago, I was under them.. no knowledge or whatsover of what I'm dealing with, cannot speak Norwegian and being a lowly trainee with no salary and the lowest form of animal in the food -chain? hahaha To be honest I hesitate sometimes to ask them to do something for me because I am no longer used to bossing people around.. I know I am a go-getter, assertive, confident person but this time, I kinda hold myself back and think first before anything else. So, new role.. I have no problem being a nurse and all the responsibilities related to it... but the one thing I most dread about is getting along with my colleagues. You see, working in a women-dominated profession is much tougher than you think.. The politics is hardcore plus gossips and backbiting is a normal daily activity. It's really not my strongest point... my way of thinking is I came here to do my job and that's all to it. Period. Little did i know that my work as a nurse is comprised of 20% nursing tasks and 80% unnecessary chit-chat breaks, psych-wars, plotting and more plotting ang conniving! OMG... the male-influenced side of me was overwhelmed and refused to embrace this new work culture..
So the next 6 months will be exciting as it involves adjustment to the new role I have plus my colorful, gossip-filled life at work! haha

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