dialogue 101

Let me share this conversation between me and an elder patient. Of course this was in norwegian but i'll be translating it and try my best to remember the exact words she used...

Me: Hi ----! Good evening. It's time for your injection. I'll be injecting it somewhere in your abdomen. (SC route)

Patient: What's that injection for? Why? I don't usually get injections in the stomach...

Me: It's an drug that will help prevent formation of blot clots on your leg. You've had an operation over a week ago.

Patient: Who said that i'd get that injection?

Me: it's the doctor's order and it's very inportant that we follow it.

Patient: Are you allowed to give that to me?

Me: (starting to get irritated of explaining. Breathed in. ) Yes i am. I am a nurse here.

Patient: generally, should I be getting that injection, you think?

Me: (scratching me head) yes. It's the doctor's order and it's a standard procedure that post-op patients get this type of injection..

Patient: oh is that so... (thinks a bit) I think that i am not gonna need that tonight. I was able to survive without that.

Me: let me emphasize that the injection will help you prevent further complications of your current condition...and you've had these injection for over a week now...

Patient: (shakes her head) can you leave me alonr now... you can go and close the door.

Me: (trying my darnest to keep my cool) ok... i'll go back later to check on you later. Rest well.

I went out the room feeling defeated and frustrasted...

After 30 mins I went back in. (Hoping she'll forget what occured there 30 mins earlier). Before i went back there, i thought very hard on what i'm gonna say to my patient to convince to get the injection. After 2 mins, she finally agreed. The only difference i did that made the deal? I didnt tell that she'll get the injection on the abdomen and instead used another SC route and promised that it wont hurt that much... :p yes! Patient- 1, nurse rosanne- 1 point too!
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