One year anniversary as a Pinay nurse in Norway

Yes! It's been a year since I began working as a sykepleier here... to be honest, it is harder than what i thought it would be but gratifying. Really.

My fears in the beginning - language and getting along with your collegueas- well, I have been continuously working on that since day 1. Common.... let's face it that no matter what we do, foreigners can never be as good as locals, unless you are born or grew up here and went to a norwegian school.... but I am so thankful that I have colleagues who always find time to explain or translate baffling norsk words or expressions... because believe me, after learning the basics and thought you have acquired a relatively vast vocabulary, and suddenly you meet these weird expressions, you'll still feel inadequate. :p
Recently, it's been quite an adjustment because we got new patients at the ward and we have to change the routines... new chief nurse (whom I really respect and look up to) and more issues related to patient care and colleagues...
As a nurse, there are a couple of things i've learned. One, for that matter, is that it's really frustrating not being able to give the best care your patients deserve because of shortage of manpower in the ward...and it's frustrating too that not everyone has the same will and enthusiasm to give quality patient care. This is the dilemma, I'm pretty sure, every norsk sykepleier faces everyday at work... it's a cycle and in the end, it's the nurse who gets most of the burden and responsibility...
To be honest, I'm quite burned out... and it's not a good sign. Patience begins to run out... don't get me wrong, I like my job as a nurse here but sometimes, you'll get fed up. Nurses are not superhumans. We have moments of weakness too. :) I probably sound like I'm complaining but I'm not. I still consider myself blessed and lucky because unlike my other counterparts in Pinas, who have longer shifts, bad pay and fewer resources, I don't feel that, employment-wise, I'm not being taken care of.
Language? Uhmm... yeah' it's always gonna be a minus point for us all the time... but don't fret too much about it.. most of the time they understand what I'm trying to say... haha but it would be really handy to familiarize yourself with norsk medical terms because when you sit there in front of the pc and write a patient report... it becomes really tricky with the grammar and usage of correct words. So be sure to have or any internet-based translator. By the way, google translate? BAD IDEA! I really recommend although it's an online norsk dictionary but it offers explanation and examples.

One last thing before I end this, I've become aware that the are some who follow my blog, esp. pinoy nurses eyeing Norway... I thank you for visitting my blog and for taking interest in what I'm doing here. If you have questions don't hesitate to email me at I'd really like hearing from you. I'll try to make more time blogging from now on... note: TRY. Hehe
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