My Vacation in Pinas

Yep! I was away for over a month and man, it was good to be back in Pinas (well, minus the heat, smog and pollution). After almost 3 years, I came back and saw my family and friends. Things at home have not changed, still warm, cozy, familiar and safe.

Most of my stay there mostly involves driving around the metro, doing errands and meeting up suppliers (yes, I am getting married next year) and dinning out and hanging out with friends and family. And of course, one's stay is never complete without an out-of-town, getaway to the beach- to Boracay, Quezon and Ilocos. You should have seen me sunburned and all tanned up. I don't mind at all! (Before I had this extreme animosity towards the sun and that I had to cover up as not to expose any part of my body to the harmful UV rays. I know, I was a KJ back then.) As I was saying, I got my golden tan again which sadly is now fading slowly as I turn back to this  pale looking, sunlight-deprived creature after just almost month, since I got back here in Norway.

Back again to the old, home, exercise and travel. :P Where to go this summer or autumn, Brussel, Barcelona or California? :)

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