Sommerferie snart! (Summer vacation is here!)

Summer is here...the temperature is averaging 18 to 22C and the sun sets around 1130pm and rises around 3am... how cool is that! Anyway, everybody's soon leaving for a good, long break from work. Unfortunately, I'll be stuck here and working my sweet, pretty ass off the whole 3 months while others are getting their tan, indulging a sumptuous meal and aromatic wine somewhere in the south, (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus,etc.) and unwinding, a form of escape, an I-ME-MYSELF time. :)

Summer in Norway is really great! I'm so looking forward in taking hikes, running, fishing, biking, etc. And most of all, donning light-weight, colorful clothes and sandals... A break from all the blacks, wools, cashmeres and fleece in my closet. Time to go out and take a lot of photos too! :)

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