An out-of-the-ordinary Saturday

    Yesterday, my friend Mary Ann came for a visit here at my apartment. Originally, we were suppose to go on camping and fishing trip in Jeløya, however, sadly, our dear friend, the sun did not grace us with her wonderful sunshine, leaving us a drab, wind and grey afternoon. So I asked her if she would like to watch a show at Parkteater  (Park Theater) here in Moss. Frankly, I've never been there myself and was not even aware that it exists until friday evening, when I was browsing over for some alternative activities and attractions here in Moss after realizing that our camping plans would  most likely be postponed. Good thing she obliged. This would be the first time we'd be seeing a show/live performance here in Norway so the thought thrilled us both. On my part, I had a bit a pang of nostalgia because I used to watch plays and live performances/acts on a regular basis when I was still in college. (Yeah that was loooooooong time ago. Kill me now?)

     Moving on, before heading to the show, we decided to grab an early dinner at a Greek restaurant called Afrodite.  For appetizer, we ordered Garides Saganaki - baked Shrimps in provence spice mix and garlic oil topped with feta cheese. For the main course, I ordered Filet Mignon ala Afrodite - beef medalion in 3 sauces (brown, white and bernaise) while Mary Ann had Paidakia - grilled lamb cotelletes with oregano, served with geek salad and tzatziki. (NOTE: The links for the the Garides Saganaki and Paidakia are not the actual recipes used by Afrodite Restaurant and are only for reference.) And not but not the least, for dessert, we had Gresk Kryddekake (Greek spice cake), with vanilla ice cream.

     What can I say, DET VAR DEILIGE, NYDELIGE og TOTALT FANTASTISKE MAT! (It was delicious, wonderful and totally fantastic food!) 'Nuf said. :p I'm glad we followed our noses and took a chance there. Although the resto was not really that inviting from the outside, structurally. But man, the cliche, "Don't judge a book by its cover" really applies here. Visit their webiste here. (Norsk)

      Here's Mary Ann and I, waiting for our order. (I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the food we had because we were so caught into the moment of savouring  our meal. :) Can't blame us for that! )

      Our gastronomic adventure came to an end, yet our goal was achieved: Happy tastebuds. :)

Next stop, NESTE SOMMER (Next Summer). It is a musical show which recently premiered at Parkteater in Moss on July 2, 2011 at 7pm.  The show runs all weekends of the entire month of July with performers Hilde Lyrån, Brede Bøe, Sofie Bjerketvedt og Christian Ruud Kallum and Directed by Geir Meum Olsen.

     The show features famous Norwegian Songs which are all about... what else, SUMMER!!! The show also incorporates a bit of standup comedy in between songs and gives its own comedic twists on ordinary Norwegian summer topics like Ferie i eksotiske steder (vacation in exotic places), arbeid og trådløs teknologi under grillefest (working and wireless technology during a grill party), hvordan får man den perfekte brun hudfage ( how to get that perfect tan), Sommer fling og sex (summer fling and sex), just to name a few. The whole time I was laughing... I wished I could do a hyenalaugh, which would be absolutely frowned upon by my Norwegian counterparts. :P Surprisingly, it came to me that I've came this far with the language that I can follow what's actually happening and "getting" the jokes and reading between the lines. (HIGH FIVE!!)  The ticket costs 390 NOK per person (around 75 USD). Thehours and for 390NOK, we had a good laugh and left us feeling good after. So i guess 390 NOK was worth it than paying 500 NOK or 1000 NOK ticket to a Sarah Geronimo concert (in 2009), which was totally rip off, IMO. A Lady Gaga concert ticket last Nov 2010 was starting at 700NOK. Duuuuuuhhhh??!! (OK I'm going out of the topic here. :p )

    Anyway, yep, it was a one out-of-the-ordinary saturday for me! :) Happy taste buds, happy brain and happy soul. :)

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