Paint job!

     The weather was really not helping yesterday when I got home from the grocery after buying some ingredients for my vanilla-strawberry budding to bring along to Lloyd's party late afternoon. After finally placing the pudding inside the ref to chill, I hurried painting the remaining walls of my livingroom. Yes! After the long wait and constant self-motivational speeches, I got my butt working and was able to start with a little bit of home-improvement projects in my small, but dainty apartment. I bought my place last December and boy, I'm glad I did. I got mortgage from the bank and then started looking for a place near my job and decent enough for a yuppy like me to somewhat start my life. We gotta start somewhere, right? :) As I was saying, I painted my walls white over the sad, depressing mocha walls I had before when I moved in here. Apparently, I never got tired of the white walls I had in my previous apartment. Color does wonders to a room, and indirectly or let me say, directly affects a person's mood. I love a white room with contrasting furnitures in black, red, magenta, etc. color. I am not going for a mod or minimilastic theme. Opposite to that, I really like textures and incorporating interesting pieces. A romantic vintage feel is more like me. I like to keep it homey and feminine. :) I'm on the early stages of redecorating my place however, to be quite honest, it's quite drilling a hole on my wallet. I am really, really planning, giving it a thought first then another, before  hoping on the next step. I would be posting some before and after photos as soon as everything is finished. :)

    Later in the afternoon, I met up with my friends at the beach and had a little postparty picnic. I was too chicken to take a dip in the water, scared that it would be ice-cold. The temperature that afternoon was around 23C, so I roughly estimated the water could be around 18C. Still, despite my friends' constant naggin to join them in the water, I didn't find any strand of will in me to do it. Plus the fact that I can't swim... uhmmm No thanks.  :) I got my DSLR with me and amused myself instead by taking pictures and experimenting a bit on my cam. :) Let me show you some:

      And here comes, the experimental artistic shots. :P

      And of course, the photographe amateur, MOI!

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