The past couple of weeks, I have been on constant thought about how much people will go in order for them to  grab an opportunity and see where chance can lead them to.

There had been a couple of readers who sent me PMs asking how to apply working here in Norway. I think it's great there are those who take interest and time on sending me emails/PM's and in return, I try my best to reply and shed light on their inquiries.

DISCLAIMER: I am not related to any government office/ agency or institute related to immigration and working niether in Norway and Philippines. I am just a humble "norsk sykepleier" (Norwegian R.N.) who wishes to help and share the steps I did back then. 



Statens Autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell (SAK), formerly known as SAFH (Statens Autorisasjonskontor for Helsepersonell)  - SAK is the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel, which responsible for granting the professional authorisation which is required for practising the applicants' profession within the legally regulated health personnel categories. Authorisation represents full and permanent approval, while licences impose one or more limitations with respect to duration, independent or supervised practise, etc.

For the step by step on applying in SAK, please click this LINK.

NOTE: The Autorisasjon does not cost that much, you will receive a bill of statement from SAK and pay a certain amount to their bank account. I have heard stories from victims who paid almost 3500USD (17500NOK) to a "MIDDLE MAN" to get an autorisasjon.  Beware of swindlers, there are many out there! Also, WHENEVER YOU PAY for something, ALWAYS ASK FOR A RECEIPT stating exactly what was the paid amount for.  

Ok, now you've got your autorisasjon, what's next? 

2. APPLY FOR A Permanent Resident Permit for Learning Norwegian at the NORWEGIAN EMBASSY

UPDATE # 1: As of the 15th January 2013, it will no longer be possible to apply for a residence permit for specialists or a residence permit for skilled jobseekers. Those who applied before 15th January, will have their application fee refunded. See link here.

UPDATE #2: As of May 15th 2014, it is no longer possible to apply for a residence permit for Norwegian studies for skilled workers.
If you applied before May 15th, the UDI will continue to process your application as normal. The application will be considered according to the rules described on this page.
If you apply for a residence permit for skilled workers who are going to study Norwegian after May 14th, your application will be rejected.

 To apply for a Visa (for Philippines), visit the official website of the Norwegian Embassy in the Philippines for information on working  and visa in Norway or you go visit, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s (UDI).

 The steps and requirements are found on their website and from there you can start applying for a visa to work in Norway. Should you have questions, it is always better to email directly to the embassy or UDI.

***Kindly email me ( my contact details on the right side of the site) if you have more questions. :) It is  my intention to spread information to my fellow nurses who wish to work here in Norway, as to avoid landing in the hands of swindlers with false promises. I know, when an opportunity knocks at your door, we answer to its call right away without taking caution and researching first about it. We all dream of greener pastures. I, however, urge my fellow Filipino nurses, to be careful and be vigilant. Seek for information first and do your homework. :)

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