Mild Autumn weather

My past 2 autumn experience here had been quite a shock to me. 2009, my first autumn. I wasn't used to cold then, coming from a tropical country were the only coldest place I've ever been (Baguio) was nothing compared to what I was about to face. Imagine me wrapped like a suman (Filipino delicacy, steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves). You can even mistake me for a taliban woman. I had my mouth and nose covered with wooly scarf and a bulky bonnet on top of that. I have 4 layers of clothes on my back and 3 layers of socks to withstand the cold. The temperature was dwindling from 4C to -2C in just a  matter of hours. I had to wake around 4am to catch the train to go to work. And talk about how hard it is to get up from bed when it's so cold yet you are lying under a comforter, warm and cozy. That's just a small bit of the battle against cold weather.

2010, this was the coldest autumn ever recorded in Norwegian history for the last 90 years or so. The smug look of my face disappeared as snow first fall in October and the temperature was averaging -15C in november! I thought I got it... having stayed here for over a year, I had this delusion of grandeur that I'd escape that sensation where cold seems to penetrate through your bones. I was wrong. Big time! Snow first fell earlier than anticipated and boy! Our dear snow was so adamant to just melt away that we had snow from October until April the following year.I'll never forget fall/ winter of 2010 because besides it was the baddest and coldest I've ever experienced so far, it was at this time when I bought my own place...For me , it was a strand of summer sunlight among the gray clouds and gloomy autumn weather.

This year, it's the opposite. The climate had been nicer to us. When it's suppose to be 1- 3C now mid November, temperature's still reaching 7 to 8C mid day. Although it can drop as much as 2 or 3C early in the mornings, I am still happy because, I can still go out with a layer of socks and pants and 2 layers of top and a jacket. I don't need to wear hats, bonnets, scarf or gloves all the time yet. :)

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