Learn Norwegian part 3

Ok, Norwegian tutorial time!

Anyway, if you think Norsk is an easy language, think again. I´ve been living here for 3 and a half years and although I feel comfortable speaking the language, I find myself baffled sometimes with the new words or expressions I encounter. :) Anyway, learning is a life long process. So deal with it. :)

Here are some expressions/ words:

1. Tørr bak i øret - yeah, if you see the translation, word for word, below, it´s easy to interpret it as it is, that is literally. But to be ¨tørr bak i øret¨ simply means being old. (person)
     tørr- dry
     bak - behind, back
      i -  in
     øret - the ear

2. holde i sjakk, for example, holde det i sjakk - Again, it does´t make any sense? Hold it in chess? haha but on a serious note, to "holde i sjakk" means to keep (something) under control.

   holde - hold, keep
   det - it
   i - in
   sjakk - chess

3. svart i øye  -  this one is easy! it´s a black eye! yeah, it can be...however, this expression is fun to use figuratively. :) Whenever someone says he or she is "start i øyet¨, it means that that person so immensely irritated or enraged to the point that you can "see" or read it in his/her eyes the anger cooking inside them.

    svart - black
     i - in
    øyet - the eye

Anyway, I hope you guys learned something here. :)

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