Statens Autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell (SAK) is the authorizing body in Norway for medical professions.

So lets get into it! Here is the general steps as listed on SAK:

In order to apply for authorisation, follow these instructions:


1. GO to and you will see this:

 2. Then Click the green button "SØK OM AUTORISASJON HER" and then you go to the next page:

3. Then click "HELSEFAGARBEIDER" under the list of professions (Auxillary Nurse).
NOTE: As I was answering inquiries about what to apply for, SYKEPLEIER (nurse) or HELSEFAGARBEIDER (Auxillary Nurse), Filipino nurses have to pass exams first (language and adaptation program exams) before they can apply for the Sykepleier Autorisasjon (RN License). So to shed light to the confusion, NO, one can not start working here as a nurse, but as a Auxillary nurse first.

4. Download the PDF:

a. the Guidelines for Application for authorization and license as health personnel
b. Application form for Authorization and License for Health Personnel in Norway
c. Check List for documentation

5. Make Certified copies of your documents. As stated on the Guideline:

The various attachments to the application must be certified copies. Do not send original documents.

How to certify copies?
All copies attached to your application have to be certified page by page. By certification we mean a stamp and signature form the certifier. The certifier confirms the copy and the original documents being identical. The stamp has to clearly show the name of the certifying institution.

Who can certify?
    • A notary public,
    • Norwegian embassies and consular missions,
    • lawyers and
    • public offices (i.e. municipalities, county authorities state offices, NAV)
6. Send your application to:

Statens Autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell (SAK)
P.O. Box 8053 Dep
NO-0031 Oslo, Norway
Other contact info:
Telephone: +47 21 52 97 00,
Fax: +47 21 52 97 03

7. Pay the FEE. Once you sent your application, you will receive a bill (GIRO). Pay them at the bank.
The costs related to application for authorisation is NOK 1560,-
8. How long should you wait?

The time required to process applications depends on the country of education:
Educated in Norway: 4-6 weeks
Educated in the Nordic countries: 4-6 weeks (health care workers educated in Sweden currently has an extended proccessing time of 3 months)
Educated in the EU/EEA: 3-4 months
Educated outside the EU/EEA:
  • Psychologist: 6 months
  • Nurse: 6 Months
  • Health care worker: 6 months
  • Medical Practitioner: 6 months
  • Dentist: SAK regrets to inform our applicants that we currently has an extensive processing time concerning this particular profession.
    However, we have great empghasis on these files and applications and have implemented measures to reduce4 the processing time.
    We are currently requesting necessary documentation from applicants, in order to finalise applications within the first 6 months of 2013.
So there you go folks, I hope this walk through was simple to follow and helpful enough for you in applying for an Authorization. :) Good Luck!


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