Bargain Boggart´s blogspot revisted

I know right? It all started with this blog, Bargain Boggart´s blogspot at Sanriotown, my first blogging stint. Taking a quick browse over it, made me nostalgic. A then unemployed, fresh out of nursing school days me and experimenting on all sorts of mumbo-jumbos. (Did I just use that word)? Despite being a true geek-at-heart, the world of beauty, fashion and arts never seize to amaze me. I do check out on the latest trends once in a while... well, maybe more often than that. ;)  Going back, I honestly think that Bargain boggart´s blogspot did make a more conscientious buyer out of me when it comes to finding a good and cheap, if not, reasonably priced purchase.

However, since I moved here in Norway, my love for a cheap deal waned off a couple of notches and is now filled in more with an eye for items with great quality, if not, luxury. Having been exposed to designer brands, I can now compare the good products to the bad... errr not so good products. I have learned a certain art! Thanks to regular or seasonal sales here, where items can be put on up to 70% off, it is a no-brainer to dig in your wallet to buy, for example, a pair of well-made leather boots (not faux!) for like 300NOK. All you have to have is PATIENCE and being at the right place at the right time (because not all sales are announced).

Now that we are talking about shopping, let me just tell you, Norwegians LOVE shopping! And I can blame them and their oh-so attractive materialistic society why my love for quality products has come about recently. LOL! Oh don´t get me to start there... :) But kidding aside, after a sound analysis of the situation here, where it is dark and cold most of thetime and so limited places to hang out, I honestly believe that shopping is therapeutic for us... uhm, them? :p Fine. Us. So there, do not judge us, people! :)

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