I will never...

... ever promise that I will be posting more often here in my blog. Haha It has been what a year or more since my last post. That gap in my cyber life here proved to be a very meaningful one because you see, I became a mom. :) I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last May. Isn´t that cool or what? It is not an understatement when others say motherhood changes one woman´s life. Mine did... a lot but I love every moment of it. So my dear readers, my future posts will also include everything and anything under the sun about parenthood and raising a child.

Today, my hubby, I and baby JM went to Oslo to get JM´s passport application done at the Philippine Embassy. I was kinda dreading the picture- taking part because I know, getting a baby to look at the camera is a matter of employing my amateur stage mother skills. Hahaha I was wrong though. With the help of the cheerful employees at the embassy (two wonderful women, I might add), we were able to get JM´s photo in one shot. Another first proud mom moment there. Processing time usually takes 6- 8 weeks and after that, we have to apply for her residence permit at the UDI. I can´t wait to get everything done, so that we can travel outside Norway.

Here is a picture of me and my little cupcake munchkin (yeah I call her that), having lunch at Mr. Hong´s restaurant. After eating at Carol´s in Horten last year in September, it took time before we found a new place offering an eat-all-you-can option here in Norway.  My husband is a huge sucker for eat-all-you-cans so we could´t miss this chance now, could we?

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