Revamping my blog

Hi guys.

After putting a serious thought on how my previous blog looked, I decided to make big changes on the layout and add more of my interests here. I have been blogging since 2008, though not as religiously as I´d hoped, nonetheless, it is perhaps about time to have this blog out there and get things right. One more blog taken out of the eyesore blogs list. :)

I would like to apologise if some of the links here are not working or seems odd or out of place. You see I am learning this edit HTML... mano-mano style! (So expect a long and tiring learning process). Anyway, I gonna ask my older brother to help me out because all I see when I look at my screen are #, /, =, etc. And it is making me D.I.Z.Z.Y.! Annoying right? Hahaha

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