Stores are closed on Sundays...

I read an article today at Moss Avis, a local newspaper, where a kommune (municipality) applied to the fylkesmann (regional head) that one area called Larkollen would be declared a tourist spot. Not that it would only attract visitors, but it also means that stores there can operate on sundays. Not to surprise everyone who reads this, but yes, generally all stores are closed on sundays here. That is just the way things have been and that is how the way it is since I came here.

We Filipinos have it in us to go to the mall on sundays with the family to eat at a fast-food/resto or just  window shop. This is one thing I love about living in the Philippines and I miss malling terribly on sundays. It was kinda disappointing when I learned that shops/ stores are closed here on sundays. But there is an exception! Mini shops at gasoline stations and grocery shops smaller than 100 square meters are allowed to operate. There is a silver lining though as the number of shops are opened on sundays  have increased in the past 5 years. That is good news indeed. Still, sundays here can be really boring, if you are used to hanging out at the lively, busy malls we have in Pinas.

Why are malls and stores closed here? Apparently, Norwegians consider sundays as family day. Instead of shopping, they would rather go on hiking, cycling, camping, skiing and insert here more outdoor activities. Friluftsliv (life outdoors) is very popular and very well observed here. Of course, there are those who just stay home, but the main point here is that sunday is a day to spend with your family and the government, by prohibiting store operations, has really made it in a way, mandatory to do so.

So guys, what do you think? :)

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