Test in Norwegian - higher level, Bergenstest

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I have been yapping about the Bergenstest for a while now and I did not even realise that I haven´t made a info entry on it yet. (Sorry!) I am not gonna make up any excuses for it (though I really have a  good one).

Bergenstest or the Test in Norwegian -higher level is a language test complying with the European framework of language proficiency.  This test will prove a candidate´s mastery on the Norwegian language. It has two parts, the written and oral, which could be taken separately. I will be taking only the written part because that´s the requirement to get in a university/college. Also, the test is held four times a year, in january, april and october.

The written test is intended for foreigners who wish to apply at a university or college in Norway, Norwegian citizens who took up high school/pre-college abroad and job-seekers and professionals who needs a certification of their mastery of the Norwegian language.

To take the test here in Norway, you have to pay a fee of 1900 NOK for the written part and 925NOK for the oral. You can take it in Bokmål or Nynorsk. The application is done online and is binding.

Where to take it? There a couple of testing centres across Norway. These centres open depending on the volume of the candidates taking the tests. Usually in big cities like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, the exams are held regularly there, but you have to apply early because they have limited slots, I heard.

For candidates taking the test abroad, you have to pay a fee of 3500NOK. The test is held usually the same days as the tests are being taken in Norway.

Ok! For the contents of the test. I found this from folkeuniversitetet´s website.

The written test measures reading comprehension of theme-oriented texts, listening comprehension of short conversations and news reports, skills in writing an account of an interview, knowledge in grammar and syntax  and writing an essay on a given theme.

The test has two parts (part  1 has three tests and part 2 has two). There is a 20-30 minute break between these 2 parts.

Part 1:
a) Reading comprehension
b) Listening comprehension
c) Minutes of an interview

Part 2:

d) Grammar, word and phrase
e) Written production

The part A, B and D is corrected after an answer key. For the minutes of interview, it will be qualitatively assessed according to the following criteria: dissemination, content, language (text structure, vocabulary, grammar and spelling& punctuation). While the written production is evaluated according to dissemination, text structure, vocabulary and spelling & punctuation.

....to be continued.

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